PDO Reserve ‘Vinagre de Jerez’

Our PDO Reserve ‘Vinagre de Jerez’ comes from the vineyards in this protected designation.     

To prepare it, the Generous-type Sherries that give it its typical characteristics are used. To age it, the traditional and unique system of ‘Criaderas and Soleras’ continues to be used and as with the raw material, the wine, it benefits from the climate of this area in the South of Spain. The maturing in American oak casks and the flavour of the prestigious Finos and Olorosos Wines make it stand out from common vinegars and turn it into a gourmet product.

It is a classic element in Mediterranean cuisine for all kinds of salads, combined with Virgin Extra Olive Oil. It is an essential ingredient for many Andalusian dishes such as cold gazpacho soup. It is also used for marinades and a few drops in stews or casseroles to aid the digestion and to obtain a distinguished flavour.



Pedro Ximénez ALBAREDA Balsamic Cream.

The top chefs have always invested a great deal of time in reducing their roux to give a special touch to their sauces and meats. This is the reason behind the wish for a “convenient” product, which gives the same result and that is always ready on hand. This cream made using wine from the Pedro Ximenez grape, which after harvesting is left in the sun to obtain its typical raisin flavour. It has a balanced sweet-sour flavour that gives very good results with strong cheeses such as Cabrales, Roquefort, etc. and for caramelising fine vegetables, potatoes or meats such as duck and ribs.