Tradition & Quality


The extra virgin olive oil made by the company Thuelma, S.L. is produced in the family business belonging to the López García family, which has long-standing experience in the world of agriculture and production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dating back to 1941.

This excellent oil has some exceptional qualities, due to its area of development: the rugged olive groves of Sierra Mágina, in the province of Jaén.

A result of the generosity of this land, the climate in the Sierra Mágina area and the passion for our oil, along with the careful selection made by Mr. Fernando López, his skill in the art of coupage and pressing, (less than 24 hours from the olive harvest) all form the points that determine the nature and quality of our good oil.

Our oil is made from Picual variety olives, the most important variety as it is full of polyphenols, it is a natural antioxidant and it is highly balanced.